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GEM-TALK: 26th Feb in Senayan

Contact us if you’d like to attend!

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GEM-SERVICE at Menara Kuningan

Please arrive early so as to get a seat!



Kind of like a Ted-talk, we host thought-provoking and engaging talks which explore topics ranging from relationships, careers and psychology and how the Christian faith intersects with them all! The talks are short and sweet, followed by breakout groups for further discussions. There’s always good food and the opportunity to make new friends whilst learning together.



11am every other Sunday @ Floor F1 Menara Kuningan


Our Sunday worship service, join us at 11am to worship God, hear a great insightful talk and eat a nice lunch together!



Contact us for service opportunities


HOPE WORLDWIDE INDONESIA (HWI) has been changing lives in Indonesia since its inception in 1994. HWI has been dedicated to building schools and orphanages as well as a disaster response program. GEM’s support for HOPE goes beyond just financial, we give our time to help teach and serve in schools around Jakarta and we invite you to do the same.



GEM is hosting two conferences in 2019


In March 2019, GEM will host its first GEM-RETREAT. It will be in Pancawati, south of Jakarta. Secondly, GEM will be hosting the Asian Young Professionals Conference on July 12-14 2019. This conference is open to participants throughout Asia to join. Navigate over to ‘Conferences’ at the top of this page for further info and registration.